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Universal Crossword. Crossing guard on the right," he wrote in an earlier tweet with video footage from the crossing. One cycle earlier. Same story. I filmed this intersection for 30 minutes this morning. On only one signal cycle did a car NOT run the red. As Meslin points out, this particular flag setup appears to have been installed by the insurance company Aviva as part of their " Take Back Our Roads " campaign.

The company had highlighted the idea, as concepted by a group of Grade 5 students near Davisville, earlier in June, calling it "the cross safe flag program. So sad to see these 'safe crossing' flags by my kids' school. A sure sign of bad drivers and poor road design in toronto.

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Here's how the program works, should you encounter an intersection with a can of flags attached to streetlight poles, according to Aviva. When crossing, pedestrians: Take one flag, look both ways, maintain eye contact with the driver, cross street with flag held up in the air, place flag in the canister at the other side of the street.

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Join the conversation Load comments. Is it dangerous to hold in a sneeze? Michael Roizen, MD. Internal Medicine. Holding in a sneeze is like holding down the top of a jack-in-the-box. Why not just let it out? The air expelled by sneezes is said to travel up to miles per hour; holding in a sneeze could cause fractures in the nasal cartilage, nosebleeds, burst eardrums, hearing loss, vertigo or detached retinas. Therefore it is best to let your sneeze fly yet shielded by a hankie, preferably.

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