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And nobody witnessed Garland's fierce talent at closer range than Stevie Phillips. During the Mad Men era, Stevie Philips was a young woman muscling her way into the manscape of Manhattan's glittering office towers. Fields convinced Garland to come on board, and Stevie became, as she puts it, "Garland's shadow," putting out fires-figurative and literal-in order to get her to the next concert in the next down-and-out town.

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Philips paints a portrait of Garland at the bitter end and although it was at times a nightmare, Philips says, "She became my teacher," showing her "how to" and "how not to" live. She produced both films and Broadway shows and counted her colleague, the legendary agent Sue Mengers, among her closest confidantes. It's a helluva ride. Help Centre.

My Wishlist Sign In Join. By: Stevie Phillips. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. The moment was made even grislier by the fact that when she made the cut she was looking at me and smiling.

I learned many things that night that I could have gone on through life never needing to know. I can see it still on the gold-and-white bedspread, on the flocked wall covering and matching drapes, and on me. The fabric of my wool challis blouse matched the lining of my coat.

Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & me...: a memoir

I definitely loved it too much. That night when I walked into her room I thought I looked so snazzy. But all I see now is her blood all over my once-beautiful ensemble, on my skirt and coat. My hands. My hair. I stand there horrified at what has just happened to me. TO ME! Why am I feeling sorry for me and not for her? Because this was her normal! This is what she did. This is who she was.

Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me...

What a teacher she was. I was beginning to understand that these events were all about manipulation and control. She craved his love much more than the adoration of her fans. They were but strangers. It would soon be over for her—this episode—and she would go on to the next, but not so for me.

Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me - Pan Macmillan AU

I would never forget it. It would be seared into my memory, and I would be doomed to replay it forever. I still do. I still feel sorrier for me. So why slit her wrist on that particular night? On this particular night, she did it for David, for the love of this man, who was, at this moment in time, the single most important consideration in her life. Being in love? Or singing? What would her answer have been? Some may think they know that answer, and they may be right. But I do not know it. But let me get back to her heart, and her affair with David Begelman! After an absence of a few weeks, Begelman was back in New York.

Judy was in thrall with him. Judy did not, like other women, tell everything to her hairdresser because her hairdresser sometimes changed as often as her wardrobe. I was her confidant; she told everything to me, and I knew about the affair from the beginning. I often wished I did not because David was my boss. It put me in the very uncomfortable position of being in the middle when Judy sought insider information. And how did Judy know that? Not from me. She could not be jollied out of it. Judy was sure that David was in love with her.

And I was happy to leave it right there.

I knew the truth, and it was ugly. David was ugly. I had now been in his employ a year and a half, and I was learning what a liar he was. The truth would have hurt. The truth might have cured some other person, but not Judy who lived in a make-believe world. She would sometimes tell me the romantic things David told her, and I knew they were all lies. As an agent, she represented film stars, directors, and musicians of the first order and was involved with multiple award-winning theater productions-among them, "Doonesbury, Loose Ends, " "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, " "Nuts," and" Open Admissions"-and film productions.

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