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He has twenty years experience in feature animation and video games, with focus on look development, lighting, rendering and shading. His recent projects include developing a streamlined set of layerable, physically based production shaders.

Real Time Shading / Rendering Tutorial - Mastering Gradations

Junyi Ling is a characters co-supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios. Most recently he was responsible for some of the shading and look development efforts on Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur.

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His current production and research interests are focused on general look development, material modeling and illumination. He focuses on the approaches the studio takes toward rendering, lighting and look development.

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  • Nathan has been with Framestore since , having worked on films such as Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy. Feng Xie started working for DreamWorks as a rendering engineer in She has credits on over 20 films at the studio, from Shrek 2 to the most recent release, The Boss Baby.

    Ray-Traced Diffuse Global Illumination

    Feng had been a principal engineer and the shading architect for DreamWorks Animation since , where she lead the development and adoption of physically based shaders within the studio. Pat Hanrahan. Adam Micciulla is an independent software engineer living in Portland, Oregon. He later moved to Japan at Square-Enix as a rendering lead to develop a full package of physically based shaders and lights for mental ray.

    He currently works in the Research Rendering department, on light transport and physically based rendering.

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    Course Description Physically based shading has transformed the way we approach production rendering and simplified the lives of artists in the process. Background For an introduction to the topic of physically based shading, we recommend watching this presentation by Naty Hoffman, from the course. Presenters Alejandro Conty is a senior rendering engineer at Sony Pictures Imageworks since and has developed several components of the physically based rendering pipeline such as BSDFs, lighting and integration algorithms, including Bidirectional Path Tracing and other hybrid techniques.

    But, free is free. Again, ancient, left here for historic purposes. A well-illustrated text that explains key computational geometry algorithms. Note that the free version is the second edition; other than these errata fixes , the 3rd edition's major changes are that Chapter 7 includes information on Voronoi diagrams of line-segments and for farthest point, and Chapter 12 includes BSP trees for low-density scenes.

    Truly ancient, yes, but there are still articles of general interest, and Abrash is a fine story-teller. Glassner, Morgan Kaufmann, download for free. An incredible book, and physics doesn't change much , so despite the age this book is full of useful information.

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    Badler, Cary B. All about the human figure and how to model it in the computer. Old, but chock full of information.

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    About surfaces and other geometry-related bits. Written in an approachable and entertaining manner, with solid math and occasionally dusty but workable code bits. The first book on ray tracing.