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From 19 new unicorns in , roughly two each month, we now see a new unicorn coming into being every two working days. In so far, 42 new unicorns have joined the unicorn leaderboard, and by next week that number will have jumped again. The unicorn leaders are the U. The investors that actually led the most rounds are corporate investor Tencent Holdings , venture firm Sequoia Capital and private equity firm Tiger Global Management.

The rise of Tencent Holdings and Tiger Global Management reflect the prominence of China-based unicorns, as well as the increase in investment from corporate and alternative investors. Rubeus Hagrid. Unicorn tail hair Illustration.

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The unicorn is a beautiful beast found throughout the forests of northern Europe A lesson on unicorns Illustration. Girls to the front, and approach with care.

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Whenever I join a new team, I find it easiest to sit whole days with people using the given platform almost religiously and just observe them while they generally show me the ropes on how the platform works, to its deepest ends. I always have a fresh new notebook and a pencil aside, so whenever I hear them curse or see them being impatient or just furrow a brow, I make notes.

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I ask them their biggest frustrations with the product and how would they have it, how would their life be easier. The same applies to new users on qualitative testing sessions, but there I have two cameras pointed at them, one recording their facial expressions, the other what they are doing on their phone or desktop.

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So save some trees and forget about printing those acceptance and usability surveys unless you want to spend a night or two typing all their answers in. For these surveys, I like to use Typeform , as not only their forms are beautiful and easily branded, I find their conditional surveys extremely useful.

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You might find that some companies are not putting the user first as much as they told you on the interview, especially after learning the possible costs of doing user testing you might soon find yourself without users to do sessions with or being asked to gather all your friends and family for testing sessions. For reference prices and persona matching users to test with, I can recommend testingtime.

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If the budget is so tight, you can try to go guerilla and find suitable testers on specific on-demand mobile cleaning, massage and beauty therapy apps such as Handy, Urban Massage and such. In these cases, you are not necessarily a lost unicorn, but surely a somewhat disadvantaged one.

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For a prosthetic, you can always turn to HotJar and start a free trial. Just by watching different users coming to your site, seeing how they behave, you can see some patterns emerge from the mass of data. You can filter sessions by lengths, exit or entry pages and even device.